I am Saheli. I am artist, occasional poet, frequent reader of diverse words, sometimes a development professional and all time hopeful for better next days. I am also frequently in the habit of taking up small little personal projects (that I may or may not see till the end) in order feel important and worthwhile with myself. It is all a selfish endeavor, I assure you.

This is one such project. It’s simple: I make 26 portraits for 26 letters of the alphabet under different categories. The first category that I am going to tackle here is ¬†will be “Writerly women¬†at some point in the past or present given me company, inspired me, warmed me, given me useful tools to live life and just touched me in different ways”. Once I make all 26 portraits of them, I’ll move on to the next category and so on.

If you want to purchase any of the portraits or just say hi, email me at turna.ami@gmail.com.

Love and hugs,