Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith_300 dpi

Z for Zadie Smith. I made this while listening to the audiobook version of her amazing novel Swing Time masterfully performed by Pippa Bennett-Warner. Honestly, the audio-book is so good, the performance almost as captivating as the story, which is pretty enchanting on its own.

And, *sigh* with this ends my Writerly Women series for 26Portraits. When I started this, I didn’t intend to be so slow with it, and imagined having at least 3 series of portraits done by now. But well, 2 years later, I have managed to complete only one, and I don’t know when I will begin a new series but hopefully within a month or three.

‘Within a month’ is also the tentative deadline I have set for myself to make this Writerly Women series into alphabet cards, and probably have them available as prints too. ❤


I’ll have a separate post looking back into this series, so I won’t go too much into it right now. I’ll just say, that I enjoyed doing this more than I imagined, and I hope you enjoyed it with me as well.

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