Qiu Jin

Qiu Jin

Q for Qiu Jin. 🙂 Okay, I am going to admit, I didn’t think my Q through when I began this series; but but as a result I discovered this incredible woman. If you don’t know about her, Google her, you’ll know what I mean. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of pictures for me to draw a portrait of hers from; I tried to make do with what I had.

Anyhow, enjoy this poem written by her:

Capping Rhymes With Sir Shih Ching From Sun’s Root Land

Don’t tell me women
are not the stuff of heroes,
I alone rode over the East Sea’s
winds for ten thousand leagues.
My poetic thoughts ever expand,
like a sail between ocean and heaven.
I dreamed of your three islands,
all gems, all dazzling with moonlight.
I grieve to think of the bronze camels,
guardians of China, lost in thorns.
Ashamed, I have done nothing;
not one victory to my name.
I simply make my war horse sweat.
Grieving over my native land
hurts my heart. So tell me;
how can I spend these days here?
A guest enjoying your spring winds?
Translation by Michael A. Mikita, III

(source: https://standupandspit.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/qiu-jin-the-first-feminist-poet-of-china/)


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